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My name is Melanie and I’m a certified Health Coach. Before I get into how I became a health coach, I want to tell you a little about my life before health coach.  Before I began to get really serious about personal growth I had many challenges in my life. I felt lost for many years and I was stuck at a job that made me miserable for 7 years!  It was a high stressful job and I wore myself then wore myself thin. I found my self binge eating from the stress of it all.  I  was consuming coffee, fast food, alcohol but I still felt “healthly”since I managed to go to the gym a few times a week. 

I have always loved exercising and playing sports like soccer. However, I would be consistent for two or three months then give up for the next six months. Sounds familiar?
Two years ago, I was exercising consistently and started better eating habits. I did my own elimination diet and I found that I was sensitive to dairy products and caffeine.  When I reintroduced my body to caffeine I began to have regular anxiety which effecting different parts of my life.  This was such an eye opener for me, I began to do research and stumbled upon HCI (Health Coach Institute). I knew this was my passion right away! That was the beginning of my personal growth journey.

Now, I’m giving myself permission to recharge and live a high frequency lifestyle. I’m able to recognize my stressors and cravings as a sign and allowing for new experience. I am able to connect with my partner better than ever. I am able see challenges as they come and make the right steps to move in the right direction . I am here to create a safe space to create a profound experience for others!

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