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How will you show up authentically today? Rediscovering your PURPOSE empowers you to make choices and lead from your values, inspiring both yourself and others!


How will you inspire yourself and others today? Embracing your PASSION reignites your own renewable energy, illuminating your path, and lighting the way for your team and community!


How will you meet the moments you find today? Owning your PRESENCE, how you stand in your truth and power, advocate for yourself, collaborate with others, and lead your team is the difference between having the job and achieving lasting results!

About Coaching With Mel

Show Up For Yourself Today

What would it feel like to wake up inspired by your choices each day? What would you do if you knew deep in your gut, heart, and mind that your work had meaningful and positive impact on the lives of everyone it touched? What would it feel like to know how to turn down the volume on that inner voice that undermines your success (and maybe stops you from even trying)? What would it feel like to be an inspiration to those you lead, yourself included? What might it feel like to lead, without any shame or second-guessing, from your strongest sense of power? What might you tell yourself when you become more wildly successful than you imagined possible? This is your invitation to find out. This is your invitation to your next best YOU.

Personalized Approach

Tailored coaching sessions to meet your unique needs and goals for optimal growth.

Proven Strategies

Backed by a track record of success, Mel's techniques ensure tangible and sustainable results.

Great leadership is not about your title or what it took you to get there. It’s about standing in your authentic power, aligned with your true purpose, expressing your innate passion, and showing up with leadership presence to evoke the greatness in yourself and your team to achieve real success. It’s about helping others rise with you. It’s about amplifying your impact. It’s about showing up for and as your best self.

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Our Services

Empowering Leaders to Thrive

Our comprehensive coaching services and programs cater to leaders of all levels, providing guidance to unlock your potential and your ability to inspire greatness in your teams and organization.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Tailored guidance for senior executives to enhance their strategic vision and influential leadership.

Rising Leadership Program

Develop resilience to thrive amidst challenges and lead with strength and adaptability.

Leadership Resilience Training

Develop resilience to thrive amidst challenges and lead with emotional intelligence, inner strength, and adaptability.

High-Performance Leadership Coaching

Strengthen existing leadership skills, foster collaboration, and create a high-performance culture within your teams and organizations.

Transformational Leadership Program

Realize the envisioned value of business transformation by unleashing organizational change leadership capabilities.

Career Acceleration

Propel your career with targeted coaching to navigate challenges and achieve career goals.

Why Choose Coaching With Mel

Choose Empowering Leadership With Mel

Elevate and accelerate your leadership journey with Coaching With Mel. You’ll benefit from proven, evidence-based, and academically grounded strategies, personalized coaching journeys, and Mel’s deep experience. Through Coaching With Mel, you’ll lead with purpose, inspire others to greatness, and achieve remarkable, positive, and sustainable growth in both your personal and professional life.

Our Vision

To be the catalyst for a new generation of compassionate and visionary leaders, driving transformational growth globally.

Our Mission

Empowering leaders to unlock their full potential, inspiring positive change and fostering a world of impactful leadership

What You’ll Get:

Schedule Your Leadership Breakthrough

Take the first step towards becoming an extraordinary leader. Book an appointment with Mel today to unlock your true potential and embark on a transformative leadership journey.

Our Articles

Insights & Articles

Explore our insightful leadership articles packed with valuable tips, industry trends, inspiring stories, and leadership exercises to help you unlock your leadership potential and accelerate your path to success

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