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Mel has been coaching Fortune 100 executives, deans in top universities, rising leaders, managers, and early career businesswomen for over 15 years. She believes the best leaders are those who show up authentically, build trust and develop capability in their teams, advocate for themselves and others, and achieve sustainable and me aningful results.

Personalized Approach

Tailored coaching sessions to meet your unique needs and goals for optimal growth.

Proven Strategies

Backed by a track record of success, Mel's techniques ensure tangible and sustainable results.

Mel is currently in a doctoral program focused on organizational change and leadership at the University of Southern California. She is also in ACT Leadership & Performance Coaching certification at Brown University. In 2024, she will be studying with world-renowned experts Bob Anderson of Leadership Circle Profile, Dr. Lisa Lahey, the author of Change Immunity, Dr. Richard Schwartz who created the Internal Family systems conceptualization in psychiatry, Dr. Dan Siegel of the Mindsight Institute, and Jennifer Wynn, former Director of Education for the Obama Foundation. Mel incorporates emotional intelligence, and trauma-informed approaches in her coaching work. She is certified to use and debrief several leadership measurement instruments including Leadership Circle Profile, which is a scientifically backed 360-degree feedback tool, and Hogan Assessments, which is a self-rater tool to help leaders understand how the work world perceives them based on how they self-identify with over 90% accuracy, and EQ-i 2.0 | EQ 360, which is a self-rated tool to understand the expression of emotional intelligence and emotion management at a point in time.

Mel’s approach to coaching is to meet you where you are, guiding you to build on existing strengths, anchor your behaviors and choices in your core values, reflect on the choices to be made, and learn how to monitor and measure results for continuous improvement to reach and exceed your goals for yourself. Mel’s goal is to help you connect with your Inner Leader and guide you to rediscover your purpose, passion, and presence to achieve more than you thought possible

Great leadership is not about your title or what it took you to get there. It’s about standing in your authentic power, aligned with your true purpose, expressing your innate passion, and showing up with leadership presence to evoke the greatness in yourself and your team to achieve real success. It’s about helping others rise with you. It’s about amplifying your impact. It’s about showing up for and as your best self.

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